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Refund Policy


We reserve the right, but are not obligated, to refund fees paid to us. All matters with reference to dispute, claims and refunds will be handled in a professional manner as we seek the best outcome for all parties.

Claim. If you are unhappy with the quality of course work, you can initiate a refund claim at cs@upcodeacademy.com. A refund claim will be evaluated by a member of UpCode Academy. Based on the level of dispute, UpCode Academy will seek to resolve the issue and settle the refund accordingly.

Reservation Fees. All reservation fee paid is refundable up to seven (7) days before the starting date of the course. The course reservation fee will not be refunded within seven (7) days of the course starting date.

Course Withdrawl. If you choose to withdraw from the course for legitimate reasons, you will be able to inititate a refund for the course. All refund will be settled on a prorata/part there of basis.