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What happens when I join a waitlist?

Once you join a waitlist you will be given a 'queue number', we use this to keep you as a priority once the course goes live. As soon as the course opens for booking one of our Student Affairs Officers will email you direct so you can have first choice!

How do I register for the course?

If you have chosen the course you want but the only option is to 'join the waitlist' then this means the course is not open for booking yet. If the course is open you can create an account (or login) to see the course time slots and start dates, simply choose the one that best suits you and click 'register'.

Why do I have to pay for the course first before getting my refund?

UpCode Academy offers courses for everyone, luckily if you are a PR or Singaporean you will have access to government subsidies for some of our courses. Most subsidies are claimed on completion of the course, this is when you can claim your subsidy back for the course fee.

How long is the course?

Most of our courses are over a 6 week period, with one lesson every week. When you register for a course it will state the exact start dates and times.

How long is each lesson?

Each lesson lasts 2.5 hours with a break in the middle for refreshments.

Is part of the course online?

All our courses are taught face to face with an industry expert, call us old fashioned, but we think nothing beats the personal touch. As part of the course you will receive materials to practice what you have learned in between lessons.

Do I have to practice or read up after class?

We advise that for all of our courses that you practice what you have learned at home, we will give you all the instruction and support you need, even outside of the lesson. Besides, you can't learn anything without practice, right?

What do I need to bring to class?

Please bring yourself, a smile (if possible) and your laptop. Unless otherwise stated, this should be all you need to begin your new journey!

How can I tell if I meet a courses' requirements?

In the description of each course, you should have defined 'Pre-requisites' for ensure you are ready. Some courses require no previous skills, the course description should tell you all you need to know, failing that, just email our lovely Student Affairs Officers at: [email protected] .

What is the schedule of the course?

The course schedule will be published as soon as the course opens up for registrations, it can be found in the course description. If the course is not open yet, all of our courses have one lesson a week, during weekday evenings from 19:30-22:00 or on Saturdays in the morning or afternoon. Sunday we all need to rest our heads!

What are the course layout?

The courses usually have an introduction lesson in the first lesson, then 4 lessons of learning all of the concepts and methods, finally lesson 6 is when we have the assessment for the course.

Is there an exam with the course?

In the final lesson of the course, there will be an assessment to test your new coding skills, you will need to get a passing grade to graduate the course. All of our teachers will ensure they take the time to help you if you struggle with the final assessment, so do not worry, if you need help we will be there.

Grant Qualification

What grants can I use with my UpCode Academy courses?

UpCode Academy has some courses that qualify under government subsidies. To find out more information on which courses are available with grant funding, create an account and enter your qualification details to see your subsidy or email us at [email protected]

Who qualifies for government grants?

Government grants are available for all PRs and Singaporeans, the percentage of grant subsidy that you can claim depends on your personal circumstances, to find out more send us a message at [email protected] .

Why does my age matter?

Under some grants, your subsidy level depends also on your age, this is why it is important to be honest when filling out your information in your account on the website, so we can give you the most accurate subsidy prediction.

I am graduating soon, how can I be sure I can get the CITREP+ subsidy?

If you are a student at the point of registering for your UpCode Academy course and are still a student when the course begins then you should have no problem claiming your grant, however, we would always recommend calling the IMDA to make sure for yourself, you can speak to them on this number; 6377 3800

Can I still get a grant if I am not a PR or Singaporean?

The current grants are only applicable for PR or Singapore citizens, however, you can still sit our courses, UpCode Academy is open to all students!

What documents do I need to prove my eligibility?

Once you register and pay for the course that you would like to sit our friendly Student Affairs Officers will be in contact to tell you which documents you need to fill out for any applicable grants. Once the course is completed they will email you with full instructions on how to claim, they are always on hand to offer help and advice!


Are the course teachers fully qualified?

All of our courses are taught by PHD holders that are industry experts, we don't want you just to be taught by people who have taught, but have experience in the real world application of what they teach. And they are all very nice people!

Will the teacher give me support outside of class?

When you start our classes, we add all students to special messenger app so that you can all talk as a class and directly with your teacher. You can use this to talk to the teacher or us if you are ever struggling, so you will get the support you need.


Where are the lessons taught?

All of our lessons are taught in our dedicated classrooms at 81 Ayer Rajah Crescent, 139967, a short walk from One North MRT station. Find us at #02-67 or Classroom A.

How do I get to UpCode Academy?

You can walk from One North MRT station on the circle line, or by bus.

Is UpCode Academy a Private Education Institute (PEI)?

UpCode Academy is a registered Private Education Institute (PEI).