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Academic and Examination Board

Academic Board of UpCode Academy

Our Academic Board ensures the quality of course syllabus and instructorship.
All course instructors and syllabus are reviewed and approved by our academic board.

Current Chair of Academic and Examination Board: Lee Zhi Peng

Founder Of UpCode Academy

ZP is the current chair of UpCode Academy's Academic and Examination Board. He heads the web and mobile engineering vertical of the Academic Board.

ZP is the founder of UpCode Academy. He has more than 9 years of experience in the tech industry as a programmer and entrepreneur. He was the founder of 40Tasks which became a success story when he exited in June 2017.

ZP is also a guest lecturer at SP where he teaches students regularly about entrepreneurship. As a technology advocate in the ecosystem, he was featured by the government as a successful tech entrepreneur to inspire other Singaporeans to pick up tech skills. His opinion is often sought after and he serves as a speaker on different panels discussing the tech indu...

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Dr Jeremy Chen

Chief of Data Science

Dr Jeremy Chen leads the data science vertical of the Academic and Examination board.

Jeremy enjoys the various aspects of building analytics-enabled information systems, from real-time reactive front-ends with pub-sub data architectures, to event sourcing, to doing online learning in the back-end.

At UpCode, Jeremy is in charge of building and rationalising the curriculum in the Data Science vertical and aligning it with industry competency frameworks (e.g.: NICF and SF for ICT) to support better placement of graduates. Jeremy believes that capability in software engineering is something that can be built up with confidence in one's common sense and the disci...

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