Shang Liang


Shang graduated from National University of Singapore in 2003 with Bachelor in Molecular Biology. He then studied Bioinformatics in Nanyang Technological University at a master’s degree level. However, he chose to be a programmer after graduating.

In 2005, Shang started his programming career in the advertising industry. His talent in creating work with high aesthetic value is highly recognized in the creative circle even today. Through out his career, Shang has explored many programming fields, crafting websites of all scales with Flash, HTML, PHP and mostly Python in recent years. He also made a few iOS and Android apps.

In 2009, he began exploring interactive installations with Processing, OpenFrameworks, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. His first collaboration was with Steve Lawler aka Mojoko. “Reactive Wall” was exhibited in Singapore Art Museum in 2010. He was pleasantly surprised that his art could bring so much joy to people. Subsequently, he built a few more installations exhibited in Singapore as well as overseas in France, Iceland and Taiwan.

Currently Shang is actively building a digital product of generating a website from on a Facebook business page with his team in WE/WEAR/GLASSES.

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