Python Development Workshop for Beginners

Mark your calendars, here’s your chance to pick up one of the hottest programming languages adopted by well known companies such as Facebook, Google and IBM!

Python Development Workshop for Beginners

About this Event

Python is a versatile language used to create popular web applications such as YouTube, Spotify and Instagram. It’s widely adopted by many companies and it will definitely add a plus point to your resume.

Also, If you’re a complete beginner in programming, Python is an easy language to begin with.


(1) Please bring your own laptop

(2) Install Thonny software (

Our Instructor

Jackie graduated from NUS in 2012, where he worked on an algorithm to predict lung cancer drug sensitivity. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD on reconstructing 3D protein structures from 2D images at NTU.

Jackie is also the founder of fundMyLife, an insurance technology startup. He is a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree for his work in fundMyLife. He also has experience in data consulting, especially in the fields of fraud detection and algorithm design. In his free time, he mentors at NEXT50SG and startup generator YSI SEA.

P.S. Photographs of attendees will be taken at the workshop. By attending this workshop, you have given consent for your photographs to be taken.

This event is already over.
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