Learn Go, a programming language developed by Google!

During this workshop, we will be giving you a hands-on programming session to give you an idea of how Go will help you in your day to day job functions.

Learn Go, a programming language developed by Google!

About this event

“Go will be the server language of the future.” — Tobias Lütke, CEO of Shopify.

Go programming language, developed by Google, has been gaining popularity amongst programmers because:

- Go’s code syntax is very stable. Very few changes have been made to it ever since it was created, therefore making it backward compatible.

- Go’s code syntax is as efficient as C++ and yet as simple to read and write as Python or Ruby.


(1) Please bring your own laptop!

(2) Your reservation is confirmed once you register here!

Our Instructor

Kevin is a full-stack software engineer who started at PayPal. He employs a variety of languages such as Golang, Python and Javascript in most of his daily work. He is known for being able to simplify complex topics for teaching and helping students find applications with their programming knowledge.

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