A Newbie's Guide to Data Science and Machine Learning with Python

Are you new to data science and machine learning? Then this talk is for you!

A Newbie's Guide to Data Science and Machine Learning with Python

About this Event

We will be conducting a free meetup to teach machine learning to new programmers. Find out why machine learning is the next big thing of the future!

This is a very basic course, we highly recommend it to anyone who's interested to learn more about machine learning even if you have no prior background at all.

This course will be taught in Python. There are no prerequisites for this lesson! All you need is a never say die attitude and a insatiable appetitie to learn!

Check out what our past attendees have said about our Data Science meetup!
"Thanks ZP for the data science preview, and I can understand more about machine learning, and thanks again for organising as can understand from the same perspective."

"Very Informative and thank you to ZP for giving a nice overview on what does it take to code using Python."

"It was insightful and an interesting introduction to the world of Machine Learning and Python"

This event is brought to you by UpCode Academy. UpCode Academy is a programming school that has partnered with companies like TNB Ventures and The Carrot Patch to run events on the different cutting edge technologies that are changing the way we live. We aim to create a vibrant community that is involved in anything science and technology related!

Spaces are limited to only 100 attendees.

P/S. Pizza will be provided, woohoo!

P/S. We have the same event taking place after this, on 9 January. So you can choose to RSVP on either dates, whichever is more convenient for you. But please be considerate and refrain from RSVP-ing on both events! :)


The instructor for this event is ZP. 

ZP was the head of development for Zumata Machine Learning Systems and was the CTO of 40Tasks LOCO. He has built large scale machine learning systems and prediction engine, and also teaches in Singapore Polytechnic. With more than 9 years of programming experience, ZP will share some key insights to data science and machine learning.

This event is already over.
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