Becoming a Cyber Security Professional: How to Learn and Grow a Successful Career in Cyber Security

Ever wondered how a hacker works, and what you can do to keep yourself safe? Join us and learn about Cyber Security!

Becoming a Cyber Security Professional: How to Learn and Grow a Successful Career in Cyber Security

About this event

This event is intended primarily for participants who have little to no prior background or knowledge about the field of cyber security. We will explore the world of hackers and the hacking methodology. We will take a look at the different types of hackers and how they actually hack. You will learn about the most popular forms of attacks.

What’s covered in the workshop?

- Phishing

- Brute Force Attack

- DoS & DDoS Attacks

- Bots and Botnets

This event is being offered at a basic level and is suitable for all people whether they have knowledge in this area or not. Learn about phishing attacks, data leakage, social engineering, safe browsing practices, as well as many other general security and privacy tips!


ZP is the founder of UpCode Academy. He has more than 9 years of experience in the tech industry as a programmer and entrepreneur. He was the founder of startup 40Tasks and successfully exited the company in June 2017.

ZP is also a regular guest lecturer at SP where he teaches students about entrepreneurship. As a technology advocate in the ecosystem, he was featured by the government as a successful tech entrepreneur to inspire other Singaporeans to pick up tech skills. His opinion is often sought after and he serves as a speaker on different panels discussing the tech industry landscape.

P.S. Photographs of attendees will be taken at the workshop. By attending this workshop, you are giving consent to have your photographs taken.

This event is already over.
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