About this Event

- A fast run through of Tableau's major capabilities

- Data aggregation and visualisation

- Preparing data

- The charts of Tableau

- Dashboards and stories


Marco A. Gutiérrez is the head of Data Science at UpCode Academy. He is also a PhD holder in cognitive vision planning for robotics systems and co-founder of GlideX, a startup in the field of AI for network security.

In 2015, he was granted the ARAP scholarship at the A*STAR I2R Human Language and Technology Department. Among his recent awards is the merit award at the “Singapore Challenge: The Science of Future Cities“.

Dr Marco has contributed to several free software robotics and AI related projects like RoboComp, the Point Cloud Library and Open Perception. He also served as organization administrator and mentor for these projects on several editions of the Google Summer of Code programme.


Please bring your own laptop and install Tableau at this link before the workshop: CLICK ME

Seats will be reserved for you till 7.40pm. Thereafter, seats will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.