Golang Development

Master the fundamentals and advanced features of the Go Programming Language — affectionately known as Golang

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  • 8 sessions
  • 2.0 hours/session
  • Web Development
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About this course

Our Golang Development course is a beginner-friendly course that will take you through the basics of Golang - an elegant and high performance programming language designed by Google.

This course is suitable for people without prior programming or coding background.

Through this course, students will learn to create and compile programs written in Golang. This include basics such as writing applications to interact with users, to intermediate material such as learning a variety of data structures and their uses.

Beyond that, students will also get a taste of coding applications that can take advantage of Golang's simple concurrency features to deliver even higher performance on multi core CPU machines.

Come learn about the greatest programming language ever created. You will leave with resources and code samples to start making all of your software and apps really go.


Our Golang Development course aims to equip students with the technical skills and confidence required to code in Golang.

Course Plan

The first lesson will start off by helping students with the setup of their local development environments, before proceeding on to learn about fundamentals such as data types and variables. Flow control will then be introduced through conditionals and comparison operators.
Students will continue learning about controlling the flow of their programs through loops and boolean operators. They will also be taught how to make their programs interactive through accepting inputs from users on the command line.
This lesson gets students familiar with writing their very own functions in order to maximise code reusability and maintainability. They will also encounter their very first data structure, slices.
Students pick up another key data structure — maps — in this lesson and immediately jump onto one of the most useful programming concepts - Object Oriented Programming (OOP). They will also learn how to include third party packages in their programs to leverage the open source community contributions.
Further OOP skills will be taught in this lesson, along with a quick tour of interfaces. Students will then pick up basics of text file reading and writing which will be highly useful in future when processing data.
Beyond text files, students will be introduced to CSVs and learn how to apply their file reading and writing to even more formats. They will then have a chance to apply all they've learnt in a series of assessment exercises to be done in class.



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