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Bootcamp: Master Python in ONE Day!

Learn Python in just one day. Master the language by going through 18 code examples and 3 assignments in just 5 hours.

5 97 Graduates

Created By : ZP

Part Time

6 weeks

5.0 h/session

Bootcamp: Master Python in ONE Day!

5 97 Graduates Part Time 1 weeks 5.0 h/session



About This Course

The goal of the course is to introduce students to Python Version 3.x programming using hands on instruction. It will show how to install Python and use the Enthought Canopy IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for writing and debugging programs. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had no programming experience whatsoever. This course starts with the bare bones of python, showing you everything from scratch. If you are looking to Learn the Python programming language with a hands on approach, then you have come to the right place.

What am I going to get from this course?

We will be writing 18 codes together which covers the following:
1. Hello.py
2. Comment.py
3. Operator.py
4. Variables.py
5. Printing.py
6. Escape Sequence.py
7. Question.py
8. Functions.py
9. Logic.py
10. Boolean.py
11. If.py
12. Else.py
13. Decisions.py
14. Loops and list.py
15. While.py
16. Elements of list.py
17. Working on list.py
18. Dictionary.py

This course will also have three assignments at the end. Students are expected to be able to clear these three assignments at the end of the course.

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