Node.js Development

In this course, you will learn how to solve real-world problems with NodeJS, from the start to the end.

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  • 9 sessions
  • 2.5 hours/session
  • Web App Programming

About this course

About this Course:

Do you know that Uber, Cisco, LinkedIn, Netflix and PayPal have built critical applications with NodeJS?

And do you know that Tech Giants like Microsoft and IBM throw their weight behind this nimble, modern language?

The language is not new. In fact, it is just Javascript on the server-side. It is ranked 8th most popular language on DZone only because necessary evils like SQL and HTML are perpetually occupying the top ranks and they never quit. However, popularity itself says nothing about its benefit. It is extremely fast (one of the fastest scripting language), familiar (due to the Javascript background), versatile, and unbeatably easy to learn. It doesn’t require years of learning about coding (no/use for OOP, much of the older XML based frameworks, etc) and pragmatic (runs applications without expensive collaterals such as application servers). It doesn’t waste your time in learning language specific quirks or technologies.

There are tonnes of material online that teaches you how to code with NodeJS. However, such online resources are usually written for someone with a programmer background and some prior NodeJS knowledge, and they assume one can generalize the demonstrated usage and internalize the knowledge through a single tutorial (not true for most of us!).

We design this course for anyone regardless of his prior programming experience. The course will provide you enough knowledge to analyze a problem, design and select a solution, plan and implement it with NodeJS, and go-live by deploying it to a server.


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