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Data Visualization (Tableau)

The course is a hands-on introduction to visual analytics using Tableau. We will learn to perform visualisation, create dashboards and explore data using the tool.


Created By : Marco A. Gutiérrez

1st Week of April, 2019

Part Time

3 weeks

2.5 h/session

Data Visualization (Tableau)

0 1st Week of April, 2019 Part Time 6 weeks 2.5 h/session

What You'll Learn

Through our 6 week Tableau course, students will learn to create interactive data visualisation without learning a programming language.

With Tableau, students will import and visualise data and create interactive visual analytics. Students will also learn intermediate-level functions available such as operations, table calculations and LOD expressions.

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Course Plan

Lesson 1: Introduction to Tableau

- Installation
- A Fast Run through Major Capabilities
- Data Aggregation and Visualization
- Preparing Data

Lesson 2: Basic Visualisation of Data

- The Charts of Tableau
- Organizing Data
- Data Blending

Lesson 3: Exploring Data

- Introducing Exploratory Data Analysis
- Cleaning and Recoding Data
- Univariate Exploration
- Multivariate Exploration
- The Analytics Shelf

Lesson 4: Interactive Visual Analytics

- Filters and Parameters
- Dashboards and Stories
- Cross Sheet Actions
- Pages
- Highlighters
- Counterfactual/What-If Analysis

Lesson 5: Intermediate Tableau

- The Order of Operations in Tableau
- Context Filters
- LOD Expressions
- Table Calculations

Lesson 6: Assessment

- Cross Sheet Actions with Filter Actions
- Counter Factual Analysis Exercise
- Look ups using Table Calculations

Lesson 7: Combined Workshop

Students will find out how they can use what they have learnt in the past six sessions to further their goals.

- Meet industry experts
- Learn what's next after Data Visualisation
- Find like-minded individuals who want to work on guided data visualisation projects (with UpCode instructors)



April 6th, 2019
(7 weeks)
Location The Cathay
Lesson 1 06/04/19
04:00pm - 06:30pm
Lesson 2 13/04/19
04:00pm - 06:30pm
Lesson 3 20/04/19
04:00pm - 06:30pm
Lesson 4 27/04/19
04:00pm - 06:30pm
Lesson 5 04/05/19
04:00pm - 06:30pm
Lesson 6 11/05/19
04:00pm - 06:30pm
Lesson 7 28/05/19
07:30pm - 09:30pm


While experience in Tableau isn’t necessary, being familiar with a spreadsheet tool like Microsoft Excel will be helpful.

About this Course:

This hands-on introduction to visual analytics using Tableau will help students to visualise data better using dashboards and data exploration.

Currently, Tableau is one of the leading visual analytics platforms in the tech industry.

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